Introducing Faithpoints bible institute

Bible courses available locally or by distance.


Now you have an opportunity to study the Bible either in your home, at your own pace or, join a class in Greensburg that meets weekly for eight weeks at a time.

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If this is your first time to experience Bible College or, needing a refresher course, then you are at the right place.

All course work transfers for credit at our Univeristy.  We try to make it as simple and easy for you to get a Biblical education that is deep in history and theology.

Don't want to wait for the local classes?


Today is a good day to begin your journey in the Bible.  All course material is written and designed for your study time at home.    Request an application today and get the process moving

The courses


 Basic Bible Doctrine 
Personal Evangelism 
Gospel of Mark 
Psalm 23
Book of Nehemiah
Character Development
Bible and Prayer
God in American History
Book of Ruth
Bible Times & Customs
Old Testament Survey 1
Old Testament Survey 2
New Testament Survey
Christ Our Sufficiency
Christ in the Tabernacle
Study of Daniel
Jesus, the Vine
Winning Over Worry
Principles of Spiritual Growth
Handling AdversityBook of Proverbs
Christ the Teacher
The Biblical Family
Peter, Paul & John the Baptist
Book of Philippians
Spiritual Power in Teaching
Christ's Words from the Cross
Christian Warfare
Discipleship Training
Bible & Science
Key Words of the Christian Life
Church History
Present Labor & Future Rewards
Book of Revelation
1 & 2 Thessalonians
God's Wonderful Promises
Surviving an Economic Meltdown
Seven Churches of Revelation
Spiritual Leadershi

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FaithPoints is glad to present the, FaithPoints Bible Institute.  This school is an undergraduate program with credits that can be transferred to St. Paul Christian University to further your education in the various fields of study we offer.  SPCU.EDU 

Introducing the Director


Rev. Dr. Michael Layne serves as pastor of FaithPoints Lutheran Church and is a co-founder of St. Paul Christian University.    He has many years in the field of ministry and teaching the Bible.