About Us

The Founders


Rev. Dr. Michael and Donna Layne are the founders of St. Paul Christian University and Dr. Michael is the founding pastor of FaithPoints Lutheran Church.  Donna serves as Deacon.

Dr. Michael is also th Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Mid America in the Lutheran Orthodox Church.

The Vice-President


Dr. Mark Eutsler serves as the Vice-president of St. Paul Christian University and is the Archbishop's assistant in the Archdiocese of Mid America.

Founding member and Trustee


Patrick Richards is a lifelong Lutheran that found himself without a church.  When Dr. Layne came to the FOP to speak to the Police Officers about the CopCare911 program, Pat approached him and asked if he had a church.  At the time FaithPoints was not in existence so, after a few meetins, it was decided to start a church.  

Pat is a Deputy Sheriff and works as a School Resource Office in Decatur County.