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We are currently working on devekoping an Internet Radio Station. We plan to be up and running by the Fall of this year.


We currently produce two types of programming. One is a 15-minute weekly program ad the other is a 5-minute daily devotional.

FaithPoints Radio Network

Developing and producing Christian teaching/preaching ministry programs.

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Called Unto A Reasonable Service $10

When others would have been tempted to give up and follow new pursuits, Mike Layne has stayed faithful to his vision and conviction. Mike has never been afraid to test ideas or concepts to see whether they are what God has in mind to fulfill the vision. Some would dismiss Mike as a dreamer. Whenever a man seeks to honor God, his willingness to “dream” is a mark of conviction driven by faith. There is a big difference.

Dr. David Moshier–Washington, DC

FaithPoints A to Z $10

With Christian teachings and whimsical reminiscences, Dr. Michael Layne’s work adds humor and heart to the daily struggles and inopportune difficulties that are, essentially, just part of the human experience. Layne’s columns are slice of life tales peppered with spiritual teachings that just may leave readers looking on the bright side.

Brent Brown-Greensburg IN Daily News

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