Message series, Pentecost Sunday.


Sunday - 9AM Worship

December 31, 1969

9:00 AM

Wolf Theater, Greensburg, Indiana

Are you restless? Do you struggle to find meaning in your day?

To some, passion is a lifelong search for the one true thing which gives purpose and makes life worth living. If you’re already on this quest, you know just how frustrating and all-consuming it can be. 

What if it doesn’t have to be this way? In fact, what if you could find purpose and yes, even passion, in everything you do? Sound intriguing?

Finding passion in the life you already have isn’t hard to do. In fact, you can start by asking several questions to help you see where you already have passion in your life, and how you can bring out this passion and use it everywhere from your job to your relationships.

This Sunday we celebrate the birth of the church.  It's Pentecost Sunday and we anticipate a wonderful visitation of the Holy Spirit during this worship.