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Reaching out to Law Enforcement

CopCare911was founded by Dr. Michael Layne and his wife, Donna, out of the need for a place where Law Enforcement personnel, and their families, could turn for help with their stress, depression, addictions and other problems.

Layne holds graduate degrees in both Theology and Counseling and has spent many years in both the Ministry and Law Enforcement.

He completed a Residency for Clergy at St. Vincent’s Stress Center and has been doing counseling for a number of years. Layne is a Certified Pastoral Counselor and serves as the director/counselor for CopCare911.

CopCare911 offers seminars that are designed for Law Enforcement dealing with Stress issues and the importance of the officer maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to survive the issues of life on the beat and internal, departmental issues that plague many agencies.

The Reason we exist

There is, undoubtedly, a need to make available to Police Officers a safe place where they can come for those times when the stress has become so great they, and others, are noticing a difference in their demeanor, activities, anger level and alcohol or drug usage.

Police work is stressful. Many officers witness more trauma in a typical work week than average citizens see in a lifetime. The challenge goes beyond the inherent violence and danger in keeping the peace. Add in these factors: Intense public contact, Unusual working hours. Mountainous paperwork.

Considering these stress producing factors, it’s not surprising the National Institute of Health and Safety ranks law enforcement professionals among the highest at risk for suicide, divorce and alcoholism. And, according to a study in U. S. News and World Report, as many as one in four police officers may have a drinking problem. Stress, alcohol or drug dependency make it impossible to effectively perform law enforcement duties. The afflicted officer may be a danger to self—and others. And yet the officer may be reluctant to seek help. Or may not even realize there is a problem.

Fide et fortitudine

By Faith and Courage. The officer can learn how to work through the stress of the job which, left untreated, will develop into a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the situation worsens. CopCare911 can help the officer through a confidential program developed for law enforcement professionals. In addressing the special needs of active and retired police officers—including the need for a confidential environment—the program is designed to lead police professionals to wholeness and a lifestyle of wellness. When the challenges of police work become Overwhelming – Stress, alcoholism, drug dependency. Police Officers come face-to-face with these problems on the streets and sometimes when they look in the mirror.

“Stress, Depression, and PTSD. Successfully working through it.”
What officers have said after attending a “CopCare911” seminar on Stress. “Would like to see more officers taking advantage—Expand this seminar!” “Too close to home.” “Communicated clearly, informative, well presented.” “The presenter was very knowledgeable.” “The seminar was understandable” “The instructor had been there and done that” “Thank you very much. It was very helpful.”

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We Offer

We make available to every Police Officer who asks for a copy, a pocket New Testament which has real life stories from Police Officers and Chaplains within the content.


The evidence speaks for itself. We are loosing Officers to suicide, Line Of Duty Death and also burnout.


Our nation has and is undergoing acts of terrorism. This puts more stress on the Police Officer. He/she now finds a battle zone in their community without ever leaving the country.

The Cop

In some communities they are stretching more Crime Tape than ever as violence runs rampant. The Officer is faced with a stress driven day. Sometimes the only way they will deal with the stress is through alcohol or drug useage.

There is Hope

If an Officer is afflicted, there is no need to continue walking that path alone. Call Dr. Michael Layne for a totally confidential time to talk.

It's easy to connect

No need to struggle. TX me at 812-614-2160 Day or Night. I'm used to calls in the middle of the night and it's OK.