Convocation of the Holy Spirit

Prepare now for the Convocation of the Holy Spirit

Oct 4-6

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The Convocation will be held at Baymont Inn, Greensburg, Indiana and we invite you to attend.  Our guest speakers will be: Dr. Mark Eutsler, Dr. Therese Eutsler, Donna Schuller, Dr. Robert A. Schuller and Comedian Scott Gregory.  Contact us for more information. We would like to invite you to connect with our educational ministry, St. Paul Christian University.  Click on the banner to the right and explore the many programs we offer at SPCU.  Bible, Theology, Teaching, Counseling and other opportunities to continue your spiritual education withour leaving home or your current work. We have an issue with the high cost of tuition in so many of the colleges and seminaries.  The student is strapped with a heavy burden of debt when they graduate and it becomes a burden to settle into their minitry in many cases. At SPCU we are keeping the tuition low and manageable.  Dr. Mark Eutsler, Vice President, has developed the courses to be completed in phases that make it easy to manage time abnd effort.  Many students have families to provide for ad with a family come the need to take care of family which is also ministry.Don’t put it off.  Connect with us today and start your educational journey towards the ministry God is calling to.I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Michael Layne, Preside


Rev. Dr. Michael Layne

Dr. Mark Eutsler

Donna Schuller

Comedian Scott Gregory

Dr. Therese Eutsler

Dr. Robert A. Schuller

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